Final Exam Monday May 22

Review guides will be distributed in class next week.  Completed study guides=extra credit.

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Final Project due May 15

Final Project Citizen Policy Proposal


You are tasked with creating a possible new law or bill to help out your community or state.  This is designed as a private bill since it is to benefit a smaller set of people.  Imagine you are going to sit down with your state or federal legislator for a meeting about your proposal.  You must create the following items and all must be presented in a binder.


  1. Letter to appropriate legislator
    • At least 2 pages in length addressing the details and explanation as to why your bill is necessary
    • Times New Roman 12 pt font double spaced 1 in margins
  2. Advertisement to raise awareness about the issue/proposed legislation
    • Must include explanation on back side or as additional paper explaining:
    • Target audience
    • Locations of advertising
    • Length of time up
    • When in relationship to the election the advertisement goes up
  3. Iron Triangle representation showing relationship between SIGS, committees, and bureaucracy
    • iron triangle
  4. Actual draft legislation for the bill
  5. Reflection 1 page paper including the following:
    • Identification of expressed power relating to implementation OR a Supreme Court case
    • Reflection on difficulty of writing a constitutional piece of legislation
    • Likelihood of passage considering the makeup currently in the legislature and executive branches
    • Explanation of how you would support your legislation through a grassroots campaign
    • Analysis of how your bill aligns with the Democrats and/or Republicans


Rubric 100 pts

Letter to Congress       _____  20 pts

Legislation                    _____ 30 pts

Iron Triangle                _____ 15 pts

Advertisement             _____ 15 pts

Final reflection            _____ 20 pts


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Freedom Hall Project

In class you will create a poster based on an assigned civil right or liberty.  Below are the items on your poster that will be presented 5/2/17

General Awareness Poster


4 Square poster with the following items:

  • Definition
  • Picture
  • limits
  • Controversies
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Magazine Project

You will be making a Supreme Court Case magazine in groups of 4 or 5 that were randomly chosen.

Your magazine must include the following:

  • Cover Page
  • Table of Contents
  • 1 Page Articles Per Case that include:

      Background of the case

    • Vote Total & Why decided (constitution or precedent)
    • Impact on Society
    • Visual
    • How it enhances or detracts from your liberties/rights


You will have class time on 4/20, 4/21, 4/24, and 4/25 to complete this.  Presentations will start on 4/26.

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Congress Exam

1st Half of the Period on April 6th.

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Congress Want Ad

Using your notes created in class, you need to make an advertisement encouraging people to become members of Congress.  Focus on what it takes to be a member, what the job is, and what benefits you get from it.  BE CREATIVE.  Include all of the items needed to get people interested.


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President Speech Analysis

Complete reflective (5 square) journals on each speech.  When finished making your 2 journals, answer these 2 questions in paragraph form.

Washington farewell address

kennedy address

  1. What warnings did Washington give us?  Did we truly listen to his advice?  Explain.
  2. What did Kennedy actually accomplish from his Inaugural Address?  Are there ideas that we could borrow today?  Explain.
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Ideal President Mandala DUE 3-7

Take your brainstorm of the qualities that make an effective leader/president made in your bellwork. Take 6-7 of them that you think are the best and determine how to best illustrate the qualities in the form of a mandala. See the example below:

Mandala Activity

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Lower the Voting Age Reading

Complete a reflective journal on this document cummings document

This is due Tuesday March 7

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I Civics Game

Go here: and play.  Take a screen shot of your final score.


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